October 20th

The outdoor space in your own backyard and community is the new stage for connecting with friends and family. The TurfMutt Foundation’s spokesdog, Mo-Mo, knows that getting outside will help you de-stress and unplug. Do you?

Here are some easy ways to use your own slice of nature to feel better.

Recharge. Soak up sunshine and natural Vitamin D by basking in the outdoors with a walk or hike…or even just sitting outside. Bonus: Exertion in fall and winter’s coller temps burns more calories.

Family running in the fall with a dog

Enjoy a Staycation. Pitch a tent in your backyard, sit around a fire pit, and play lawn games.

Take work outdoors. A deck, patio or lawn can be a quiet(er) home office in nature.

Observe nature. Create a wildlife or plant scavenger hunt. Notice the bees, birds, butterflies and other pollinator species in your yard – and thank them for all they do for us.

Plant something. Spruce up your yard with grass, trees, shrubs and flowering plants. Putting in plants that flower throughout the year is essential for pollinators.

woman playing with dog in backyard

Play games. Soccer, badminton, bocce ball, volleyball, giant board games, family football or croquet can bring family fun and connection.

Family picnic

Eat outside. Grill outdoors, enjoy a picnic or savor time together around a fire pit in nature.

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