July 27th

Saturday, July 31, is National Mutt Day. It is one of two days set aside to honor the mixed breed pups in our lives.

Our favorite mutt is Mulligan, a.k.a. Mo-Mo, who is the spokesdog for the TurfMutt Foundation. Rescued by the Kentucky Humane Society and adopted by Foundation President Kris Kiser at the second-annual Lucky’s Mutt Madness adoption event at GIE+EXPO, M0-Mo has grown into the cape to become the superhero voice for the TurfMutt Foundation. She continues the decade-long legacy of Lucky the TurfMutt, the first rescue dog to represent the program.

Mo-Mo wishes all of her fellow mutts a Happy National Mutt Day! To learn more about Mo-Mo’s journey into the TurfMutt cape, watch this video. To learn more about the mission of the TurfMutt Foundation, go to TurfMutt.com.