March 9th

Spring planting season is just around the corner (and is already in full swing in some parts of the country). The TurfMutt Foundation encourages you to “backyard more” by planting something as early and often as you can. So whether it’s time to stick your shovel in the dirt or spend some time mapping out your planting plans, planting something is a good way to get your yard ready for all the backyarding you’ll be doing this spring and summer.

Adding trees, bushes, grass and flowering plants is a good yard investment, but they often take time to grow. Plant as early as recommended so you can enjoy the benefits faster. Just remember the Golden Rule of living landscapes: “right plant, right place.” Location, maintenance, sunlight and watering needs should all be considered, as well as your climate zone.

Also, be sure to “level up” nature care in your backyard. Add flowering plants, trees and shrubs to give wildlife and pollinators food and shelter. Your yard is part of the larger ecosystem, so check your climate zone for landscaping options that support your birds, bees, butterflies and other wildlife. Don’t forget to take time to just sit and drink it in, observing the wildlife and nature around you.

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