March 19th

Spring is officially here! There is no better way to celebrate the arrival of vernal equinox than to bring more “backyarding” into your life.

What’s backyarding, you ask? It’s the trend to take indoor activities – think everything from working and working out to dining and gathering safely with others – into the great outdoors. Thanks to your own backyard, nature is just steps away.

One way to backyard more this spring is to get the whole family involved. Create a game or a friendly competition with your family to help identify all the ways you can move your indoor life to the great outdoors – and right out your backdoor.

Can you take office calls and video meetings to the patio or porch? Can your kids do their online learning outdoors? How often can you dine outside? Keeping safety in mind, can you gather outdoors for family celebrations, birthdays, graduations and reunions?

Challenge your family to think about new ways to incorporate your private patch of nature into your everyday living this spring. Need some inspiration? Go to