September 21st

Mo-Mo jumping

Mutt Mulligan, the spokesdog for the TurfMutt Foundation, has an extra spring in her step this week. That’s because it’s National Dog Week, a time set aside to honor the enduring bond between pups and their humans.

Mo-Mo clearly has a strong connection with her person, Kris Kiser, President of the TurfMutt Foundation. Kris adopted Mulligan at last year’s TurfMutt-sponsored pet adoption event, Lucky’s Mutt Madness. Isn’t baby Mo-Mo precious?

Dogs like Mo-Mo are ambassadors for getting outside. After all, who knows your backyard better than your pup?

So why not spend some time during National Dog Week connecting with your canine, family, friends and nature? There are many reasons it’s good for them…and you!

Burn more calories. A brisk walk around the block or a few minutes of yard work can help you drop the extra “COVID 15” weight that many have added while sheltering at home during the pandemic. Exercising and exertion in cooler temperatures also burns more calories.

Get a happiness boost. Fall afternoons in the yard are great for soaking up sunshine and natural Vitamin D, which can improve your mood and support overall health.

Give your eyes a break. We spend a lot of time looking at screens – on our TVs, computers, tablets and smartphones. This can overstimulate our eyes and lead to nearsightedness. Just walking outside, you give your eyes an opportunity to relax and widen their focus, as they look at the ground in front of you and to the landscape around you.

Boost your energy. Spending time in nature and breathing fresh air increases energy levels in 90 percent of people, according to research.

Father and son planting tree


Stimulate your brain. Fall yard work in cooler weather, such as digging in planting beds, mulching leaves, aerating soil and planting trees or shrubs is all good for your brain. Research shows people perform tasks better when temperatures are cooler. Go for a brisk walk around the neighborhood or do a few minutes of yard work.