October 2nd

fall leaves in the shape of a heart

Hate raking fall leaves? We have good news for you. Research shows lawns are healthier over time if you mulch the leaves back into the grass with a mower rather than raking and bagging them.

Researchers at Michigan State University conducted an extensive, three-year study to get to the bottom of the issue. Over that period of time, they considered three different leaf layer thicknesses – none, three inches and six inches. For the study, they mulched the leaves back into the yard every October.

The result? Lawns where the leaves were mulched were healthier than the areas that were raked. Mulching returned nutrients back into the turf, naturally. It also helped the yard retain soil moisture, loosened compact soil and reduced weed growth.

The scientists additionally discovered that mulching leaves for three years nearly irradicated dandelions and crabgrass. Also, the mulched lawns turned green faster in the spring. The key to success, according to the scientists, is to pulverize the leaves into small dime-size particles, which might require an extra pass with your mower to mulching mower.

By mulching your leaves you can save some time on lawn chores so you can sit back and relax in your living landscape. There are many benefits to spending time working in and enjoying your family yard. They include reduced stress, increased heart health and improved mood.

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