February 27th

Whether you are planning a family getaway for spring break or you’re staying a little closer to home, TurfMutt encourages you to add some outdoor time into your plans.

Get outdoors during spring break.

Outdoor activity benefits the mind, body and spirit. It increases fitness levels, increases Vitamin D levels and improves distance vision, lowering the chance of nearsightedness. Exposure to outdoor settings reduces ADHD symptoms, improves standardized testing scores and decreases stress levels.

Getting outdoors can also be a simple and inexpensive way to entertain your family when school’s out. You can plan an outing to a local park or national monument for hiking, snowshoeing or picnicking. Take a walk with the dog through your neighborhood or play a rousing game of fetch in your backyard. If the weather is nice enough you can use the extra time to spruce up your yard and add some spring plantings. The sky is literally the limit!

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