January 7th

The short days of winter can feel really long and can leave us wishing for warmer weather. Why not take advantage of this time to start planning your spring lawn and landscape projects? Here are some tips for getting a jump start on spring planting by planning now.

Map out a plan for improving your outdoor living room. The family yard is an extension of the home, providing a safe place for families to gather and for kids and pets to play. What would enhance this space for your family? An outdoor kitchen, firepit, pergola, and patio are bigger ticket items that you should start planning and saving for now. Enhanced landscaping is another alternative.

Determine which plants are best for your climate. Selecting the right plants, trees and shrubs for your climate zone is important for keeping maintenance to a minimum and maximizing benefits to the environment and ecosystem. Check out the USDA’s plant hardiness zone map to determine which plants are most suitable for your area now to make shopping at your local nursery more productive this spring.

Take stock of your lawn and landscape tools. Does your outdoor power equipment need to be serviced before the spring season? Or maybe you have been living in an apartment or bigger house and now need to purchase a lawnmower, edger or leaf blower for your new home. Now’s a good time to take care of these tasks so you will be ready to roll come spring.

Decide now if you need professional assistance. You might be able to take on your outdoor living room improvement project on your own. But if you think you might need professional assistance, now is the time to line up consultants and obtain bids. This will put you a step ahead of the spring rush.

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