December 15th

Turns out money alone doesn’t buy happiness. European researchers have discovered that high biodiversity within our vicinity is as important for life satisfaction as income. Read the study summary.

The review of research is the first of its kind in Europe to study whether diversity in nature also increases human well-being. Under current pandemic conditions, activities in nature – including our own backyards – have proven to be important for our health and well-being. This study is just one more indicator of the power of nature to impact quality of life.

The scientists found that an additional 10% of bird species increases life satisfaction as much as a comparable increase in income. Researchers examined data from the “2012 European Quality of Life Survey” to study the connection between nearby species diversity and life satisfaction in more than 26,000 adults in 26 different countries in Europe.

The scientists concluded that “nature conservation thus constitutes an investment in human well-being.” You can make an impact on your overall well-being – and the health of the planet – by being an active steward of your patch of nature, starting in your own backyard.

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