December 27th


Blurred nature park background with sun rays, lawn


The largest study ever conducted to determine the relationship between the environment and human longevity has a TurfMutt-approved conclusion. Surrounding yourself with green space results in a longer life. Specifically, the researchers found that for every 10% of increased vegetation that’s within 1,600 feet of your home, your probability of dying decreases by 4%.

The analysis included nine longitudinal studies involving 8 million subjects from Australia, Canada, China, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, and the U.S.  The team summarized the available evidence and focused on studies that were longitudinal (follow the same group of individuals over the course of several years). They used a simple measure of exposure to green space based on satellite images and looked at premature death as a health outcome.

The meta-analysis concludes that greenness around homes is significantly associated with reduced premature mortality. The lead scientist says the results support interventions and policies to increase green spaces as a strategy to improve public health.

This is just the latest piece of scientific evidence suggesting that green space benefits our health and well-being. To see more, check out the Living Landscapes Fact Book and