June 14th

TurfMutt in the car

It’s summer travel season! TurfMutt loves a road trip as much as the next dog. And he has some tips for pet parents who want to take their fur-kids along for the ride on this summer’s family vacation.

Plan ahead. There are probably a few pet-friendly restaurant patios, hotels and even shops along your route, but they aren’t always easy to find. Sometimes you need to call a business to find out if pets are allowed. If so, are there any size restrictions or fees associated with including them.

Pack some familiar dog stuff. Make your dog feel at home away from home by packing his favorite dog bed, blanket, chew bone, food/water bowls and toys.

Pack paper towels & stain remover. Even the best-planned trips can have issues! Always travel with clean-up supplies in an easy-to-reach spot just in case.

Plan pet breaks. Remember, your pets need breaks from the car, too. Find a dog park along your route where your pet can play. Or, take a walk around a public park during your pit stop to make long car rides more bearable. (Pro tip: keep the clean-up bags handy!)

Ask for special pet treats. Some restaurants cater to pets on-the-go with treats like “pupuccinos,” plain hamburger patties and more. Just ask, you might be surprised by what’s out there! (Pro tip: be cautious with sensitive tummies and skip the treats if your dog is prone to car sickness!)

Keep meal schedules consistent. Even on the road, you’ll want to keep your pet’s feeding schedule consistent. That means packing a bag that’s easily accessible with food, water and bowls.

Be respectful. Most hotels and restaurants have very specific rules about allowing pets, like not leaving them alone in the hotel room. Know and follow these rules to ensure a smooth trip.

Are you taking your pup on a vacation with you this summer? We’d love to see! Share a pic on TurfMutt’s Facebook page or Twitter feed.