October 5th

In case you missed it, Mutt Mulligan was recently featured in a special Washington Post insert, “TurfMutt’s Guide to Fall”.

The pandemic has influenced so many areas f our lives this year, and it’s no wonder that it’s impacting the design of our home life. That’s especially true of our outdoor spaces.

Home gardening, expansive outdoor spaces and more time spent in nature are trending. Record sales of lawn and garden equipment and outdoor supplies – and even increased dog adoption – show us that enjoying the outdoors is on everyone’s mind.

The TurfMutt Foundation encourages outdoor learning experiences, stewardship of our green spaces and care for all living landscapes. By teaching about the outdoors and educating citizens about sustainability, the Foundation helps sustain a greener, healthier quality of life for this and future generations. The Foundation promotes urban habitat and ways everyone can save the world “one yard a time.”

In the Washington Post guide, Mutt Mulligan (a.k.a. Mo-Mo) the new spokesdog for the Foundation, shows us how to soak up every ounce of outdoor enjoyment and ready our yards now for a fantastic spring next year.

To get Mo-Mo’s tips for fall lawn care, go here. Learn more TurfMutt Foundation at TurfMutt.com.