October 22nd

Depending on your ecosystem and climate, now could be a great time to plant trees and shrubs, and even the bulbs you want to bloom in spring. Plantings aren’t just pretty to look at, they also help battle one of TurfMutt’s biggest enemies, HeatFreak.

Learn about TurfMutt's battle against HeatFreak.

You can help TurfMutt battle HeatFreak.

HeatFreak’s special power is the ability to raise the air temperature and increase air pollution with all of his hot air. HeatFreak thrives in heat islands – the bare spots like parking lots – which absorb the sun’s heat and give it off into the air. Heat islands can be 22 degrees hotter than the temperatures in planted, grassy areas.

The best way to defeat HeatFreak is by planting trees, plants and grass in bare areas. Grass blades act like coolers, producing moisture and absorbing heat. Do you have experience battling HeatFreak? Share your story here or on TurfMutt’s Facebook page.